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Hey everybody! This is my first post here ... I've lurked in many communities, but I never seem to get around to posting. Anyway, I thought I'd let you guys know about this great site. I know nobody likes spam, but seeing as you guys are Lord of the Rings fanatics, I thought you might appreciate this. I apologize if you're seeing this a bunch of times on your friend's list, that's why I put it behind a cut. Please check it out, I'm sure you'll find something on here that you'll like!

The Gathering at
Sindarin! LOTR Trivia! Original Writing!
Roleplaying! ELVES!

In aeons past, Lindon, the Land of Song, lay west
of the Blue Mountains of Middle-earth, the last remnant of the great
Grey-elven country of Beleriand. During the Second Age of the Sun, Lindon
was inhabited by the Noldor under Gil-galad and the Sindar under
Celeborn, mighty Elven kings in their own right. Yet Gil-galad was slain in
the battle of the Last Alliance of Free Peoples and Celeborn moved to
lands eastward, leaving Lindon to the rule of Círdan the Shipwright. He
stayed in Lindon through the Third and Fourth Ages, manning the havens
there until the last of the Elven-ships set sail for the Undying

The Gathering at Lindon (GaL) is a guild
of Tolkien fans united in their common appreciation for the gracious,
wise, and immortal Children of Ilúvatar known as the Elves. We not only
discuss and celebrate the Elves in JRR's books and the recent Lord of
the Rings movies, but also roleplay as Elves, study the languages of the
Elves, and produce fanfiction about Elves. Of course, members are
welcome to bring knowledge of other Tolkien lore, and also discuss real
life issues and doings--GaL is by no means restricted to Elf-discussion
only, but is a very social environment. You do not have to belong to an
Elven guild, kingdom, or alliance at your other Tolkien fansites, or
even have any previous knowledge of Sindarin, roleplaying, or anything
else we do at GaL. The only real requirements are Tolkien fandom and
respect for others.

If you are interested in GaL, visit our Messageboards at and our site at If you decide to join,
register a free account at, then go directly to the Mae Govannen
forum of our guild messageboard and post in the New Members
thread following the instructions there (you will first be asked to join GaL
via Aimoo; you may do so). Once a moderator (a member of the GaL
Council) stamps you for membership (your post will receive a reply
indicating that you've been accepted), you're free to roam the boards and
website and post to your heart's content.

Thank you for your interest in our guild. We hope to see you there!

Questions may be directed to Helkabeleth
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