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Amazing!!! This afternoon, Chloe, Chris and myself went in to town this afternoon for some lunch. Afterward (as usual) we decide to have a look around, Chloe suggested that we go 2 Arketuras(think thats spelt rite?) center, here they sell all alternative religions and stuff like that (my sort of shop) Neway in the shop they had BIG L.O.T.R banners. Now a couple of months ago me and Chloe had asked if we could have one, but alal they had all been taken, seeing in the shop today that they still had them, i decide to ask if i could have one. Here is the conversation

ME "hi i was wondering if all the L.O.T.R banners had been taken?"

SHOP ASSISTANT *Funny look on face* "Why which one do you want?"

Me "The one with the Ringwraith on it!"

SHOP ASSISTANT *smiles* "Just take it!"

ME *BIG smile* "THANKS!!!!"

so i went to collect it, on the way out the shop i gave the shop assistant a BIG smile and thankyou, BLESS HER!!!!!

so there you go, thats how i FINALLY got a L.O.T.R banner!!!
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